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Fitness Solutions Your People Really Want

The most effective fitness solutions are never going to be found at the local box store. Vanessa Mandell Windt provides genuine support, a personalized approach and is ready to take your brand's exercise program to another level.

Achieving Corporate Wellness

We make well-being a top priority because your employees are the foundation for your success. So every employee deserves the support, education, and resources they need to live a life that's active and healthy, with balance. 


I feel so lucky to have connected with Vanessa. Not only is she an incredible trainer but also cheerleader and friend. 
I feel stronger and more confident than ever since working with her"

Meet Vanessa Mandell

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Meet Vanessa


Vanessa Mandell is a certified personal trainer, transformation specialist and the founder of Fitnessa. Her passion is to make fitness both accessible and achievable for busy professionals.


With experience of managing gyms, directing personal training departments and leading small group workouts, she has collected a rich background in the fitness industry prior to starting her own company. 


Coming from a turbulent fitness journey herself, not only does Vanessa have insight into how confusing training and nutrition can be, but also plenty of tools, guidance and support to offer. Taking the healthy and sustainable route in fitness is therefore top priority when it comes to her coaching.


With her expertise, and a dream team behind her, she helps her clients physically and mentally move in alignment with their personal goals. She loves to emphasize that fitness isn’t something you ever master, it’s an ongoing lifestyle in which you can fall in love and progress. The journey is the best part, and falling in love with it will make you unstoppable.


Vanessa sees the value in a health-conscious workplace and its strong correlation to happier and more productive team players. When fitness comes to you, instead of you having to get to fitness, the gap of distractions and afternoon-dips gets so much smaller, and movement, strength and wellness a lot more attractive.


Teamed up with nutritionists and backed by experienced trainers, Vanessa is here for every person’s individual ride. She is ready when you are!

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